Kwik travel Benidorm; the cheap way to travel

When we think of great low cost flights and hotels we think Kwik travel to Benidorm. There are some great savings to be made so hit up the kwiktravel.co.uk website and let's see what they can do for you.

The first thing you will notice just how easy it is to get your holidays sorted with Kwik travel. All it takes is a few clicks and some details and you are good to go.

Benidorm is best in August and the flights and hotels also drop from their June and July prices. We decided to look at a holiday for two, 7 days in a 3-star hotel and return flights. The aim was to find all of this for under a grand and guess what, we did and it was easy!

The hotel we found is the beautiful Cabana hotel in Benidorm. This stunning hotel is situated in Benidorm's tourist centre, just a short walk from the Poniente golden sands beach. To the otherside of the hotel lies the town centre. Again this is only 5 minutes on foot, here you will find some great shops, bars and restaurants and energetic nightlife hot spots.

These rooms were designed with the guests comfort in mind. The rooms are spacious with air conditioning making sure that they stay at the optimum temperature. Of course you will have your en-suite bathroom with hairdryer, towels and soaps.

Fancy a bite to eat? If you don't feel like going out there is a fantastic buffet restaurant just downstairs serving locally sourced produce. Enjoy a drink at the bar in the evening to round off another perfect day. This all comes to a total of £548.97 for 6 nights at the Cabana hotel.

The flights leave from Gatwick on the 20th of August direct to Benidorm and return on the 27th. The flights come to £259 for you and your partner, this brings the total holiday to £807.97!

For some seriously low cost holidays check out the Kwik travel Benidorm.

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