Kuwait Airways - Travelling on a budget

Kuwait Airways operate throughout the Middle East, Europe, the Indian subcontinent, North America and Southern Asia. In the UK, they fly from London Heathrow to destinations like Bangkok, Chennai, New York and of course, Kuwait. So if you choose to fly with Kuwait Airways, what sort of service can you expect?

The fleet

Kuwait’s national carrier operate a small fleet of planes, including the Airbus A310 and A320, which provide most of the fleet, and the A340 and Boeing B777, that carry the most passengers. Some of the fleet is old. The average age of the planes is over 15 years old. This lack of investment can mean lower fares, but it can also lead to a poor experience during the flight.

In-flight entertainment

Some passengers report that in-flight entertainment screens failed to operate and that their chair would not recline during the flight. Of course, it’s human nature to complain when a bad experience has occurred, but the general consensus is that Kuwait Airways provide a level of quality and comfort that matches the low ticket prices.

Low budget travel

If you’re traveling on an extremely low budget and aren’t worried about in-flight entertainment, this could be the carrier for you. Passengers report that flights are often half full, so there’s normally plenty of space to stretch out. Although the in-flight entertainment is criticised, the carrier has a low rate of incidents and accidents and in the main, passengers state that flights are on time and that there are no problems with boarding.

Final word

Although passengers tend to report problems with the cabin facilities, the vast majority of these reports come from tourists in economy class. So if you are using Kuwait Airways as a business class or first-class passenger, you can avoid a lot of the minor problems and frustrations that others have faced.

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