Kutna Hora, the Czech Republic: Beyond Prague.

If you’re one of the many who has jumped on a low cost flight to the highly recommended, cool but by now very familiar city of Prague for a weekend but missed Kutna Hora, book again and return. This medieval town of hilly, cobbled streets is just over an hour from the Czech capital by train and is a Unesco World Heritage site.

It's full of historical attractions like the silver mines which once made it one of the wealthiest towns in Central Europe. At a cost however: a good day was one when fewer than five miners died, reports the New York Times. Visit the Czech Museum of Silver ( cms-kh.cz) and join an English-language tour of the original medieval mine.

Other must-visit sites are the Gothic five-naved St. Barbara Church and the former mint and royal residence known as the Italian Court. However perhaps the most famous attraction is the small 15th-century Roman Catholic chapel decorated entirely with human bones. Legend has it that the bones in the creepy Sedlec Ossuary (kostnice.cz) were exhumed by a half-blind medieval monk who collected the skeletons of 40,000 Black Plague victims.

Furthermore the town now has a contemporary addition to its medieval treasures. The Central Bohemian Gallery, known as GASK (gask.cz) opened in the beautifully restored Jesuit College in May, specializing in 20th-century Central and Eastern European avant-garde art, which rebelled against the cultural norms of Communist-era Czechoslovakia. Damien Hirst’s work is set to appear in a solo show at GASK in December.

The building’s original splendor can be seen in the refectory. Its ornate detailing and original frescoes now provide the backdrop for candlelit musical concerts.

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