A cheap Krakow flight

Krakow flight

Finding a cheap Krakow flight can be difficult depending on the time of year. Luckily for you guys the winter is the cheapest time to fly! We have done a little searching online and came up with some great cheap flights.

Flying to Krakow for cheap means flying with LOT Polish Airlines. Hit up their lot.com website and let's see what they have on offer.

Krakow is always pretty expensive so you can normally expect to pay around £600 for a return ticked to Krakow. With LOT we managed to find a return ticket for one adult in November for only £408. This is a seriously competitive price, in fact, you will find it very difficult to beat this price.

We can't just leave you with just one choice so we turn to the Lufthansa.com website to see if we can beat this price. All you have to do with Lufthansa is fill in your flight details and let them do the rest of the work.

We managed to find a flight in October for only £495. Yes this is more expensive but this is a return flight for two adults, that's right two! This means you can have a romantic weekend away with your other half in Krakow for only £495.

A Krakow flight is always expensive but with the right website and a little patience you can get flights for a lot less than you would normally pay. Check out the websites we have mentioned and see if you can find low cost flights to Poland.

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