The best of Knowsley safari park attractions

Knowsley Safari Park isa family attraction located north of Prescot, off the M62, in the north-east of Liverpool. The park serves as a premier zoological and conservation facility with a wide array of animal attractions and recreational facilities designed for a memorable day out with family. Here are some of the best Knowsley safari park attractions you will find and enjoy at the conservation.

Animal attraction

With 550 acres of naturalistic parkland,prairie and savannah, Knowsley safari park is the perfect sanctuary for wildlife. The park houses more than 30 mammal species from around the world, including lions, tigers, rhino, zebra, giraffes and a fantastic herd of African elephants. The park has maintained its original concept of visitors being able to view the animals while driving through the park in vehicles since it first opened to the public in 1971 after serving as an RAF airfield during World War II.

Today, Knowsley is one of only five drive-through game reserves in the UK based on the East African drive-through model. After an exciting day out viewing the animals in your vehicle, retire in style with a well-deserved snack at one of the scenic picnic areas in the park. Quite memorable experience!

Plants attraction

Wild animals are not the only attractions you get to enjoy at Knowsley. Plant life at the safari park is not easily matched anywhere else. You will find a development of impressive flora and fauna that are outlined at the Knowsley education centre and safari school, including Bee and Pyramid orchids and a wide range of fungi from Stinkhorns to Puffballs. Check out the education centreto learn more from the experts about the conservation and other aspects of how Knowsley Safari Park works.

Other attractions

Besides all the fun with the animals and plants, there are also plenty of other attractions to sample that are designed for all ages. Custom-built amusement rides with unique animal design cars at the safari park are particularly appealing to children. Adults will also find the educational Keeper Talks and performances from Biffo and the boys at the Sea Lion Show quite enjoyable, as well.

Knowsley Safari Park welcomes more than 500,000 people every year for a wonderful day out with family. For more information and opening time contact 0151 430 9009 or visit the park’s official website at www.knowsleysafariexperience.co.uk.

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