Kite-surfing off the north-east coast of Brazil.

If you’re fit, adventurous, into water sports and relish the idea of getting a tan while your friends are struggling into their wellies, why not try Kite-Surfing off the coast of north-east Brazil? Strong winds rip along the length of the coast from July to December which, together with daytime temperatures that reach 90 degrees, explains the burgeoning kite-surfing scene.

The main tourist settlement is Jericoacoara, a fishing-turned-tourist village nestled in the dunes of the Jericoacoara national park on Brazil's northeast coast, reports the Washington Post. Electricity didn't arrive here until 1992 and money wasn’t used until the 1980s. While some of its charm remains, with coconut and cashew trees shading the restaurants, shops and pousadas, it has lost ground to partying youngsters and dune buggies.

There are numerous beachfront resorts which make a mellower base. Try Rancho do Peixe (the Fish Ranch) in Prea, eight miles east of Jericoacoara, a 20 bungalow resort in a forest of coconut trees. There’s a well-stocked kite-boarding centre, good food and basic comforts. A series of massive dunes, the largest of which are around 120 feet high, loom over the village. The dune-top views are tremendous, with vistas of the coast, and the dunes extend for miles.

Deserted beaches fringed by palm and mangrove forests, endless ocean and even a lagoon in the middle of the dunes where you can wind or kite surf make this a very special place. There are a number of Kite-Surf schools where you can learn imaginative jumps and how to spin in mid-air. Or just watch the sunset over the mangroves, a caipirinha in hand.

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