King Cloughy recommends Nottingham

It was good enough for The Clash, who played a gig at Nottingham station as part of their Back to Basics busking tour in the mid-80s, so Nottingham is well worth the visit.

To warm yourself up, step into The Walk Café, for Earl Grey poured from china teapots, and slabs of rye bread layered with pastrami. A very good start to the day indeed.

Then for something a little bit odd, stroll along to the Broadway Cinema which is currently showing a 10-hour video of a man digging a hole. Really! And for the real geeks there’s the Screen Room, officially the smallest commercial cinema in the world - with a mere 22 seats – and a favourite of Quentin Tarentino, who chose the venue for the UK premiere of Reservoir Dogs. BroadwayCinema.

And for even more oddities and ‘best of’ there’s Rob’s Records – which, unsurprisingly, has no website, (but you'll find it at 4 Hurt's Yard, behind Long Row), and it is allegedly 'the most chaotic record shop' in the country!

Then for a refreshing and tasty beverage after all those superlatives, nip into Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem - allegedly Britain's oldest pub, with a cavernous interior dug into the rock around Nottingham Castle.

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