Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

Art never goes out of style, as you can see in Glasgow’s Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. Why is it Scotland’s top tourist attraction? This impressive building, restored to its Victorian grandeur, houses everything from cafés to 18th century costumes, the remains of a Ceratosaur and a replica of a woolly mammoth, as well as a park and a Mini Museum for kids.

In the exhibit of Scottish art, you’ll find paintings by the Scottish Colourists, who were known for their vivid and lively style, and the Glasgow Boys, who rebelled against Victorian romanticism. Impressionist and post-Impressionist works are flaunted at the exhibit of French art; have a look at Henri Matisse's “The Pink Tablecloth,” Claude Monet's "Vetheuil," Camille Pissarro’s “Tuileries Gardens,” Pablo Picasso’s “The Flower Seller.” Vincent Van Gogh’s "Portrait of Alexander Reid" is also here.

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Have a taste of everything Glasgow at the Charles Rennie Mackintosh and Glasgow Style gallery, with displays such as stained glass, embroidery, jewellery, silver, and furniture; tea rooms are another feature, mostly designed by Mackintosh. Designs by the students of the Glasgow School of Art can also be seen here, as well as tributes to the female form in Women Adored, Women Adorned.

Heed the call of your inner warrior at the Conflict and Consequence gallery, where you’ll be treated to a display of arms and armoury; Rembrandt's "A Man in Armour" painting is a must-see too. Don’t leave without seeing the Gallery’s most controversial, popular, and magnetic possession, Salvador Dali's "Christ of St John of the Cross."

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