Kefalonia holidays ultimate luxury escapes

If you are thinking of going on holiday to Greece, then Kefalonia holidays luxury getaways are the ultimate escape. Kefalonia is a stunningly beautiful Island in Greece that boasts first-class facilities, world-class hospitality and jaw-dropping scenery. The gorgeous little island has become a popular tourist destination due to its prime luxury holiday resorts that are hard to beat by any world standards.

Holiday spots Kefalonia

Kefalonia holidays luxury resorts cater for all budgets with great savings on offer and top of the range facilities. Here are some of the most exciting luxury holiday locations in Kefalonia.


Lourdhata is a remarkable tourist resort on the coast of the Ionian Islands, Greece. The resort sits in the heart of a lovely town with a beautiful sandy beach that makes for fun beach holiday experiences. There is a wide selection of hotels to choose from in Lourdhata, as well as impressive cottages, apartments and villas such as Trabukos Beach Complex, Kamari Apartments and Eva.

Lourdhata is the perfect holiday getaway spot for couples on a romantic break, honeymoon or just a weekend holiday escape.


Katelios is a laid back, underdeveloped seaside village in Kefalonia, but don’t let that fool you into thinking it is any less attractive. Katelios is actually a paradise resort for nature loves. It’s breathtaking, untampered landscape is home to some of the world’s rarest plants and endangered animals like the Loggerhead turtles.

The scenic seaside village also boasts a lovely sand and shingle beach that makes escapes to the spot all the more exciting. Katelios Group, a local NGO that researches and protects the population of sea Loggerhead turtles and their habitat in Kefalonia, offers additional activities in the area that help educate local and tourist children on the importance of protecting the environment.

Ayia Evfimia

Another top Kefalonia holidays luxury spot is the stunningly beautiful, fishing village of Ayia Evfimia. The village is spread across the majestic mountains on the northern side of Sami bay in Kefalonia and presents unparalleled panoramic views of the Mediterranean coast. Ayia Evfimia is the ideal location for memorable sailing holidays because of its renowned flotilla sailing groups.

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