Keep the kids happy at EuroDisney

While not strictly speaking a sun destination, EuroDisney Paris has to be included in the top list of places to haul the kids. It looks after children so well and the package value can be terrific. And it helps if you’re living on the Dublin side of the Irish Sea.

Abbey Travel, abbeytravel.ie, has 40 per cent off a four-night stay at Disney’s Cheyenne and Santa Fe hotels if booked before the end of April. Add to that the Sterling / Euro difference, and you could be in for a big saving.

Kids stay and play for free, which means prices for two adults and two children (aged under seven) start at €499 per family, excluding flights, on selected dates.

For this you’ll get four nights’ B&B plus five days entrance to both Disney parks. As a five-day pass bought at the gate would cost as much, a package means you get the accommodation for next to nothing, but fear not, the rooms at the Cheyenne and Santa Fe hotels are a lot more than nothing.

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