Kayaking or Sheephering in Croatia, pwah, difficult choice?

After finally making it to Croatia this summer after the train journey from hell – and I’ve a mate on the phone threatening the Paris to Madrid over nighter for next month - I don’t think so – I became hooked on Zagreb and the Dalmatian Coast

And it’s nothing to do with the 6-foot tall, leggy Croatians that won’t even give you a desultory glance as you pass by tripping over your tongue.

So, now that I’ve given up my romantic notions of European Train Travel I’m heading for the water – which is where I came across this eco-friendly gem of sustainable travel in the Med.

Beyond the big hotels and smart resorts, the Mediterraneanoffers a huge range of more sustainable - and more interesting - experiences, from sharing lunch with shepherds to helping save endangered wildlife – are shepherds an endangered species?

If you’ve a strong stomach and decent biceps (or a bloke to paddle for you) Sea kayaking along the Dalmatian coast – Croatia is well good. The Dalmatian Coast is some of the finest I’ve seen around – but more importantly, it’s the Adriatic that makes it all worth while – the only problem is that you’ll find it hard to actually stay in the kayak because you’ll keep wanting to jump in for a swim.

Adriatic Kayak Tours offers small-group trips lasting from a few hours to a whole week; it also runs themed tours such as "Cliffs and Caves" and a "Wine and Cheese Sunset Paddle". At the end of each day, knowledgeable guides direct weary canoeists to family-run restaurants where freshly caught seafood and local meats are dished up alongside liberal quantities of local wine.

Book it: 00 385 2031 2770 .

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