The best kayaking holidays? Check out Scotland

Why Scotland offers superb kayaking holidays

Kayaking holidays in Scotland are amongst the best ways to experience this thrilling sport, in a variety of environments.

Where you decide to go for your kayaking will depend on your skill level but most venues offer courses for beginners and more seasoned kayakers, as well as family groups, adults or children.

The Scottish Highlands offer tremendous kayaking activities. The centres are all within easy reach by coach or car. The Perthshire-based National Kayak School (www.nationalkayakschool.com), offer white water courses throughout the summer. Family tutoring is available on a half-day or days out basis. They also offer courses further afield, in Argyllshire.

An excellent option is one-person inflatable kayaks, for those who want to experience white water without constant capsizing!

Scotland’s rugged coastline, with its towering cliffs and unspoilt beaches, is fantastic for sea kayaking. The wildlife is abundant, and what better vantage point for catching a glimpse of minke whales or basking sharks!

Where are Scotland’s best holiday locations to kayak?

There are so many excellent kayaking opportunities that it’s worthwhile doing a bit of online research. Where there are waterways, from Edinburgh or Glasgow’s inner-city canals, to the secluded inlets of the western isles, there will be opportunities for kayaking. Why not try sea kayaking around the Shetlands?

How do I book kayaking holidays in Scotland?

Go online, then sift through the various sites. Glenmore Lodge (www.glenmorelodge.org.uk), Scotland’s national outdoor training centre, offer a variety of kayaking courses, with hotel-standard accommodation.

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