Check out JWT holidays from Ireland for amazing choice!

If you are looking to book JWT holidays from Ireland then Falcon Holidays can provide them for you at great prices.  Just take a look at the JWT section on Falcon Holidays website at falconholidays.ie/jwt-holidays for a list of top destinations.

Irish travellers have been using JWT holidays since the 1960s and the name has become synonymous with quality and value.  JWT have always offered classic package holidays at the right prices which means that customers return time and again to take advantage of their amazing packages.

You have plenty of choice where to fly from as flights leave from Dublin, Cork, Shannon, Kerry and Knock.  You can also tailor your package holiday to suit your needs so whether you are more of a hotel person that likes to get your bed turned every morning or someone that prefers to go the self-catering route then there is accomodation available for every type of traveller.

On falconholidays.ie/jwt-holidays there is a last minute deals section which is constantly being updated so keep checking on a regular basis in order to snap up any bargains to dream destinations. To give you an idea of the prices that appear here we will run through a few destinations.  For 2 people sharing for 7 nights, a self-catering apartment in Majorca could cost as little as €595 while a self-catering apartment in Turkey can be booked for just €516.

Family JWT holidays from Ireland are also available on this late deals page and a couple and 2 kids could spend 7 nights in the Algarve for just £1400.  A package holiday to Corfu works out around €1500 for a family of 4 or should you prefer Turkey then prices start at around €1620.

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