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Portugal offers travelers the opportunity to see new sights, exciting cities and explore their culture. It is a great place to travel that is relatively inexpensive and has lovely scenery. The food, wine and weather are all great reasons to just explore Portugal for a fun, exciting holiday.


Portugal weather all year round is fairly mild, which makes it easy to travel whatever time of the year you prefer. Winter temperatures are about 14°C and 25°C during the summer months. The rainy season is typically from November through January. Skiers can usually find snow in the north central region of Portugal.


Portugal offers some of the best Portuguese style dishes you could want. With close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, many of their meals consist of great seafood and fish. Local meats are highly delectable and you must enjoy the local wines to compliment each meal.

Portugal is famous for their wine making and offers an excellent value for the quality. Experience wonderful port wines, Vinho Verde, Duoro, Madeira and Moscatel to enjoy the best of Portugal.

To experience the true hospitality and culture of Portugal, visit some of their best restaurants. Fine dining can be found at the Mesa, Terrugem, Largo do Paco, Belvedere and Aesola. Other fine restaurants can be found at http://www.taste-portugal.com/page/restaurants.


A visit into Oporto, the second largest city, provides a charming afternoon with excursions to the museums, medieval cathedrals and art treasures.

The city of Obidos gives you a good sense of what Portugal is all about and many consider it an excellent place to visit. The area is primarily agricultural and you will gaze upon vast expanses of beautiful vineyards dotted with windmills and terracotta roofs.

Complete your visit to Portugal with a stop at Figueira da Foz, the largest beach in all of Portugal. For more great sights to see in Portugal, visit http://www.justportugal.org/portugal/best-of-portugal.asp.

Just explore Portugal for new sights, great food and wonderful beaches.

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