Explore Egypt in Style with a Jules Verne Nile Cruise

With over 30 years of experience, Voyages Jules Verne offers themed tours in some of the most exciting corners ofthe world, such as China, Egypt, Jordan and Europe. The tours are guided by local experts and include exclusive excursions and special events during the journey.

One of the most popular choices offered by this tour operator is a Jules Verne Nile cruise, which offers you the possibility of exploring the land of the pharaohs along the Nile. When embarking in such a cruise, you will enjoy a comfortable trip on 5-star vessels that will deliver you close to the spectacular monuments of the ancient land of Egypt.

Jules Verne tour operator offers various Nile cruises and you can choose the one that suits you in terms of length and price. “The Gift of the Nile” cruise takes you from Thebes to Nubia in a luxurious journey to the tombs of the pharaohs and the most significant temples of ancient Egypt. The price of the cruise starts from £895 for 7 nights and it includes air travel, UK departure taxes, full board on cruise and services of a specialist guide.

The “Thebes to Abu Simbel” cruise starts from £1195 per person for seven nights and it takes you along the Nile from Cairo to Abu Simbel. The highlight of the cruise is a visit to Luxor, where you can also be a part of the Luxor Temple Reception. This reception is exclusive for the guests of Jules Verne voyages and it features cocktails served by staff in pharaonic outfits and Egyptian “takht” music.

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