Jordan: support its eco-projects

Tourists flock to Jordan to visit its wonderful monuments and biblical sites; splendid vestiges of ancient civilizations. However this relatively small country has a number of nature parks covering a range of landscapes from forests at Ajloun and Dibeen, to the Rift Valley's canyons at Dana biosphere reserve. One of Jordan’s best assets, they are not to be missed, reports The Guardian.

The director of Wild Jordan, the business unit of Jordan’s Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature, Chris Johnson, stresses the importance of conservation. In a country of limited natural resources, tourism is important to the economy, and eco-tourism can play a valuable part in keeping tourists in Jordan longer, to explore more of the country.

Support is also given to the rural communities living around the reserves. To encourage visitors, the RSCN and Wild Jordan offer accommodation in a number of eco-lodges with desert views at Azraq, a wetland reserve with ducks, egrets and cormorants or Canyon views at Dana. The Dana Guesthouse at the top of the canyon retrained Bedouins no longer allowed to hunt as hotel staff, as did the magical Feynan Ecolodge at the bottom, which is solar-powered, vegetarian and entirely lit by candles.

The government has just agreed to establish nine more protected areas giving visitors a further chance to experience the special and typically Jordanian eco-systems. And as many are in close proximity to its famous archaeological sites, it is more than possible to combine the two.

For RSCN and Wild Jordan projects visit rscn.org.jo

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