Grab a Cheap Holiday with John Fowler Holiday Parks

If you are looking for a cheap holiday within the UK, then John Fowler holiday parks have just some of the many good-value options to choose from. Staying in a holiday park is a great idea for a stress-free holiday. They typically have a wide range of facilities and accommodation options too. John Fowler holiday parks provide a choice of accommodation including comfortable, modern stationary caravans as well as lodges and camping sites.

John Fowler has 14 holiday parks in total, all of them along the coast of Devon, Somerset and Cornwall, home to some of the best beaches in the UK. You can find out more information about the specific parks at johnfowlerholidays.com.

John Fowler regularly has special offers available at selected parks and huge savings are often available, especially in autumn. If you want to have a good chance to decent weather while avoiding the higher prices of peak season, September is a great time to go. From late August, prices start to drop considerably.

Late August deals start at £548 for a week-long break in caravan accommodation. The caravans typically have two cabins and all of the modern amenities and comforts that you would expect. They can sleep up to six people comfortably. For the same price, chalets are also available. For £719, luxury accommodation is available with a wider range of facilities and options. There is also accommodation available for up to seven people, making a holiday with a group of friends very affordable where everyone shares the cost.

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