Searching Jobcentre Plus for vacancies

Jobcentre Plus is a organisation run by the British government that helps people find work, and administrates the benefits system through which people out of employment can receive welfare payments from the state.

The Jobcentre Plus collects recent vacancies across a wide range of employment opportunities, and lists them in various ways for job seekers to access them.

There are two main ways you can search these Jobcentre Plus lists of vacancies. The first is more direct, since you can do it at home. The second, however, gives more additional support to your job hunt.

The most immediately accessible way to search Jobcentre Plus vacancies is to visit the government's Jobseekers website at jobseekers.direct.gov.uk. This page contains a search engine which allows you to organise vacancies according to job type, location, number of hours worked per week, shift patterns and job duration (temporary or permanent).

The site also has a similar search engine for voluntary work, which can be accessed at the bottom of the jobseekers.direct.gov.uk page. As well as contributing to the community, volunteering might give you some useful experience to put on your CV.

The alternative way to search Jobcentre Plus vacancies is to visit your nearest Jobcentre Plus. You can find the closest location to your house by visiting los.direct.gov.uk/Default.aspx and typing in your post code.

In Jobcentres, you will find a group of computer terminals which are exclusively designed to search for jobs. They feature almost identical search patterns to the Directgov website and list the same vacancies, albeit in the very different format. The benefit of visiting the Jobcentre, however, is that you can use the freephones near the computers to call any job opportunities at no cost.

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