Finding a Job with job centre online

Find a job that suits your needs by registering with job centre online. Based in Northern Ireland, this job search service contains vacancies posted by both the Jobs and Benefits Offices and the Jobcentres. Job seekers looking for positions throughout Europe can take advantage of the search service's European Job Mobility Portal, which posts job based in 29 European countries.

Northern Ireland has 35 Jobs and Benefits Offices and Jobcentres. The offices help people find jobs, provide job training and assist with social security benefits. It is instrumental in assisting those who possess disabilities and wish to find employment as well.

If you are interested in using the service, you merely have to register with the site. Registering permits you to save job searches and store your resume within its database. It also allows you to submit your resume directly to specific companies who post jobs through job centre online.

Whether you are interested in finding work as a nurse, office worker, sales representative or anything in between, this site provides you with a comprehensive database of recently posted vacancies.

Those who are interested in a career in the IT field may wish to enroll in the organisation's Software Testers Academy. This academy is a 14-week programme that instructs students in the process of testing software. Eight weeks are spent in a classroom setting while the remaining six weeks are spent in an IT company. The Software Testers Academy is a paid training program. Students are selected through an interview and an internet-based aptitude test.

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