Bargain city breaks from Jetline Travel

Take any one of these three wonderful city breaks, with bargain prices from Jetline Travel:

  • Amsterdam: Visit one of Europe's most laid back capitals, dominated by art, style, and bicycles. Use your days to take a look at the Rijksmuseum, housing the works of many renowned artists including Rembrant's famous Night Watchmen. For more art and culture, walk to the nearby Vincent van Gogh Museum, and enjoy a journey through the great painter's entire career. At night, take in some of Amsterdam's pubs alongside the many canals of the cities, and visit some ultra-hip jazz clubs. Deals from £119 for 3 nights with Jetline Travel.
  • Rome: Perhaps the grandest city in Europe, Rome is imposing and imperial at every turn. You can barely walk a few metres without coming across something iconic in European and world culture. From the mighty Roman Coliseum, whose construction began in the year AD80 under the emperor Vespasian, to the behemoth of the Vatican, whose influence still dominates the Catholic world, but whose beauty and museum collection deserve attention regardless of your faith, Rome is the city of choice for any traveller passionate about history. Deals from Jetline Travel start at just £129 for 3 nights.
  • Paris: The romance and culture capital of the world. Enjoy the incomparable collection of the Louvre museum, where you could spend a lifetime and still discover new things. Experience the quiet peace of the tombs beneath the Pantheon, or the nearby Jardin du Luxembourg. Pay your respects to cultural icons of the last 200 years at Pere Lachaise cemetery. Climb the Eiffel Tower. Take a trip to Versailles. There is barely enough time to dent the surface of the things a visitor can do in Paris. Spend 3 nights for £149 with Jetline Travel.

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