Check jet2holidays where excursions are included

For those accustomed to booking budget flights, accommodation and entertainment separately, it could be worth pricing the cost of a package. At the jet2holidays site, many excursions are included in the cost of your holiday, which could provide considerable savings on admission charges to water parks, rollercoasters and theme parks.

Have unlimited fun and save cash

The jet2holidays excursions come under their "Experience More" category, which promises budget-conscious families unlimited access to local attractions without having to worry about additional costs. Jet2 holidays are pitched at families in most instances, so this can mean the kids can enjoy a holiday to the full without the parents having to check their credit card limits.

On Tenerife in the Canary Islands, a popular year-round holiday destination, Siam Park is one of the world's biggest and most popular waterparks. Booking a package with Jet2 at one of the nearby resort hotels allows families unlimited access to the park for the duration of the holiday. They even throw in a few euros of park credit to spend on drinks and snacks. There is plenty of time to summon up the courage to attempt the Tower of Power 28 metre freefall into a shark tank.

On the Costa Dorada, packages include free admission to PortAventura, a theme park that offers everything from can-can dancers to Europe's tallest rollercoaster, the thrilling Shambhala. Younger kids are not forgotten, with the SesamoAventura area allowing the toddlers to meet all their favourite characters. Theme hotel packages allow families to visit the park straight after breakfast.

Look for out of season deals

The best prices for jet2holidays and the free excursions can be found outside the peak times of July and August but for families with school-age children that won't be an option. For better deals look for breaks at the very start of the UK summer holidays and book as far in advance as possible.

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