Jersy holidays; a hugely popular holiday with the Brits

Jersy holidays are one of the favourite holidays with the Brits these days. There is so much to see and do in Jersey and the prices are just crazy. You can find some truly incredible holidays for very cheap to Jersey so it's no wonder the Brits can't get enough.

Jersey is famous for it's beautiful beaches and stunning scenery. The island is dotted with golden sandy beaches, rocky coves and beautiful rock formations.

Portelet is a gorgeous secluded beach. While there are a lot less facilities than other beaches on the island, it is worth it for the lack of crowds. Beauport is another incredible beach. There are more crowds here but it is too stunning to pass up. Enjoy a drink on the beach and watch the sun set, the reflection on the rocks turns an orange/pink colour it is spectacular to see.

Just hit up the 'Jersey Travel' website and search for the appropriate flights for your trip. We checked out some Luton flights direct to Jersey and a 3 star hotel. We managed to get all of this £432 for a couple sharing. This is flights and accommodation taken care of all for under £500!

There are lots of great deals to be found just like this one on the Jersey Travel website. You should have no problems using this great little website, it is super quick and simple to search for holidays in Jersey. Check them out and get your Jersey holidays in order quick and easily.

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