Bikini or cardigan? Check the Jersey weather before your holiday.

Jersey weather

Basking in the protection of the French coast, the Channel Islands often enjoy idyllic summer temperatures. There are occasional exceptions though. It pays to know in advance what the Jersey weather is going to be, before you head off on holiday.

The Jersey climate is mild and temperate. It's rare for the temperature to drop below 4 degrees C (if it happens, it's usually in January or February) or get above 25 degrees. Rain falls mainly in the colder months, but sea breezes can occasionally get a little brisk in the summer. If you are planning some coastal walks, a light raincoat should be sufficient.

Jersey is not an island for long spells of bronzing on the beaches, but it's also unlikely that you'll be spending long hours in tea-shops sheltering from storms.

Daily forecasts are available from the BBC (bbc.co.uk/jersey/weather), while the weather-forecast.com site is useful for longer term predictions, over 10 days or more.

Jersey is a popular destination for yachting and cruising. If you are planning to do much sailing in the Channel it is vital that you are well informed about any imminent weather fronts. Information is available at tgill.net. It's also advisable to brush up on your French, however rudimentary, so you can recognise the important weather words on the French coastal shipping radio broadcasts.

For serious weather information and detailed Jersey weather forecasts the Jersey Meteorological Department (jerseymet.gov.je) has informative maps, localised predictions and even reports on town air pollution levels.

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