What is on offer in the Jersey tourist information office

The Baliwick of Jersey is a British crown dependency located just off the coast of France as part of the channel islands.

While Jersey is not part of the United Kingdom it is still part of the commonwealth and as such dictates its own laws and taxation making it a tax haven and home to a number of wealthy UK citizens. The island itself enjoys excellent weather in the summer and this all adds up to a fantastic place for a holiday.

Be it a weekend getaway or as part of a two week island getaway you will get the best from your holiday if you use the services of the Jersey tourist information office.

Located in Liberation Square, St. Helier, Jersey the Jersey tourist information office provides expert local advise on almost everything a visitor needs to know. From an extensive list of information on accommodation, such as hotels or B&Bs to fine dining options around the island, the tourist office has all the information holiday makers need.

Friendly staff can give details of local events and offer public transport links to help tourists get around the island.

Information on attractions such as the maritime museum, crafts and arts fairs is available at the Jersey tourist information office. Tax free shopping is available all over the island and the Jersey tourist information office can help travelers to get the best deals on the island.

They are also able to assist with any questions about the various towns around the island of Jersey including St. Helier, St. Lawrence and Trinity. Contact them on +44 (0)1534 500700

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