Interested in going to Jersey for short breaks 2011?

Jersey in the Channel Islands is one of the more larger, beautiful and lively islands in the Channel. It boasts wonderful scenery and stunning views off cliff tops looking down onto the sea. Going to Jersey for short breaks in 2011 will be one of the most memorable trips you can take.

With museums such as The Jersey Museum in the capital, St. Hellier, and Occupation tapestries, the Jersey Maritime Museum and the Island Fortress Occupation Museum, Jersey is an extremely interesting place full of history and art. There are numerous monuments and sites packed with history from when the Germans invaded the islands and took control and this can be of interest for the whole family.

Jersey is also famous for it's fine cuisine, specialising in seafood since it is surrounded by sea. Restaurants such as Roseville Bistro, Bistro Rosa, Green Olive Restaurant, Bohemia Restaurant and Restaurant de la Poste, all in St. Hellier, are all very popular and well worth a visit!

St. Hellier is brilliant for shopping with well-known branded shops and small local shops. The streets are pedestrianised and bustling with things to do and see.

Jersey is an island which is full of different flowers and forestry. The long hours of sunshine and the temperate climate make it a gem to gardener's and nature lovers. Visits to Judith Queree's Garden, Samares Manor, Jersey lavender farms, Eric Young Orchid foundation and Reg's garden are all a must see.

All in all, Jersey is an unforgettable holiday for all ages and especially families who are looking for a more peaceful stay.

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