Need a hotel for your Jersey hols?

Just a short ferry or plane ride away from the British mainland, the Channel Islands are perfect for a relaxing break. With quaint villages, gentle countryside and an ideal blend of English warmth and French style, Jersey in particular is a popular tourist resort. So let's take a look at some of the best hotels available for your Jersey hols.

The 5 star Longueville Manor Hotel in Saint Saviour is one of the island's most exclusive and luxurious resorts. The hotel boasts a refined, traditional style with extravagant dining rooms, a swish cocktail bar and large four-poster beds. And with free wifi, room service and personal DVD players, guests are sure to feel pampered. Outside features beautiful fountains, expansive wooded grounds as well as a swimming pool and tennis courts. Room rates at this memorable hotel start from around £150 per night for a double room.

For a hotel with sea views and access to a pristine beach, why not try the Biarritz Hotel in Saint Brelade. Located right on the water front, this modern hotel offers spacious rooms, free continental breakfasts and a pleasant welcome. Rooms can be had for as little as £364 a week, while premium sea-view rooms start from £399.

If you are after an inexpensive retreat, the Hotel Cristina in Saint Aubin is a good option. The hotel features a large pool, contemporary cuisine and an outdoor terrace with views across the sea. Double rooms at this hotel start from around £76 a night.

So there are plenty of accommodation options available for your Jersey hols. And with more out there, including caravan parks, ornate country estates and cozy Bed and Breakfasts, there's something for everyone.

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