Great Jersey Holidays Departing From Ireland

Jersey has a lot of wonderful things to offer: beautiful seascapes, valleys, and mountain views. The coastal line is what predominates in the island and is accessible on foot or road, which is why one of its biggest attractions is white sand and blue sea beaches. Jersey has this unique environment, where you can be relaxing at the beach, reading a book, or just walking to clear your mind. In addition, you can enjoy some adventurous sports, such as hiking, climbing, or biking. There are many travel agencies that offer packages, to enjoy Jersey  holidays departing from Ireland. Here are some of them:

David Urquhart Sky Travel

In David Urquhart you can find a great variety of ways to enjoy Jersey holidays departing from Ireland. Holidays are available for Grouville, Saint Brelade, Saint Clements Bay, and Saint Heiler. All of them include 7 nights at the hotel of your choice and having fun with all the activities prepared just for you. Package prices are available from £299 to £479. Holidays are available from June to October.


Ebookers.ie is a leading online travel agency in Ireland. It offers hot deals to enjoy Jersey. It only has a destination to base your holiday in: Saint Heiler, but you have 20 alternatives to pick from. Some of these holidays offer free nights if you stay for a minimum number of days and some offer special discounts.

Jersey Travel Service

Jersey Travel Service is an online booking specialist that offers great deals for holidays in Jersey. Here, you can choose from what airport and date you will depart, which place you will visit, how many days you are going to stay, and all the detail to formulate your search. Additionally, it has holiday packages for June, July and October and they go from £219 to £499. Book your holiday now and enjoy the great sunny days that only Jersey has to offer.

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