Jersey holidays by sea this summer.

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The Channel Islands are well known for their laid back pace and are the ideal destination for city slickers who want to escape the urban rush. If Sark, with its ban on cars and Herm are just a tad too small, Jersey makes a great place for a break. Fed up with flying? This year, take your Jersey holidays by sea.

Jersey may total just 45 square miles, but nonetheless the island has a lot to offer. Wander St Helier’s historic streets, visit Mont Orgueil Castle which defended the island from French invasion for more than 600 years, and stroll down to St Aubin’s harbor.

If you’re planning on visiting the island, why not do the island thing and sail there? Check out www.condorbreaks.com for their different options and prices. Condor Ferries' fleet consists of the Condor Express, Condor Vitesse and Condor Rapide, which are high speed fast car ferries, and the Commodore Clipper,  an all-weather traditional ferry.

If you’re in a rush travel from Poole and Weymouth by modern car carrying, computer controlled catamarans, with the latest Condor Wave piercers carrying passengers and vehicles at up to 41 knots.  Journey time is just 2 hours to get to Guernsey and only 3 hours 15 minutes to get to Jersey.

The catamarans are air conditioned and there’s a duty free shop and cafeteria on board along with a children’s play area. Alternatively, take the traditional ferry from Portsmouth which carries up to 300 passengers and 100 cars and offers 40 en-suite passenger cabins.

Condor also offer special ‘Breakaway to Jersey’ inclusive deals for your Jersey holidays by sea, which include your crossing with car and three nights’ accommodation from £149per person. The Jersey authorities have planned a number of events this summer, so don’t miss them!

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