Jersey flights from Stansted on the cheap!

There are lots of great prices on Jersey flights from Stansted but we have found the very best. Even if you can get your flights cheap, why pay more than the lowest fares?

There are lots of great websites out there to help you find cheap flights but we found the lowest cost flights on the 'Sky Scanner' (http://www.skyscanner.net) website.

Sky Scanner is a comparison style website that will compare prices across most of the major airlines. This makes finding the best prices a lot easier and a lot quicker than doing all the work yourself.

All you really have to do is fill in the details of your departure and when you want to return and then let the website sort the rest for you. Sky Scanner will search across all the best matches and find you the lowest possible price on your flights.

We found a flight for only £174 return from Stansted to Jersey on the 28th of August. This will get you and a partner 3 days in Jersey and your return flight home is covered. What's even better is that you can also book hotels and hire a car all from this one great website.

If you don't like using comparison websites you can always check out some of the big names yourself. The problem is that you need to do all of the research yourself so we definitely recommend Sky Scanner.

Why pay extra on Jersey flights from Stansted, check them out online and save yourself a bundle.

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