jersey coach holidays in 2011

More and more people are foregoing the usual Summer holidays on the Mediterranean to stay closer to home home. The economic downturn has meant that everybody is trying to cut down but with this downturn comes brilliant bargains and today we will be talking about jersey coach holidays. Jersey is one of the Channel Islands, situated between Great Britain and France gives this place a mild climate. Jersey boasts kilometres of beautiful coastline, perfect for Summer days lazing on the beach, it also has tremendous cuisine taking inspiration from the many cultures that are on the island and it has a busy nightlife. Ity has something for everybody so why not try a jersey coach holidays this year.

There is a great deal from leisuretime.co.uk called the Jersey by Air coach tour which is an eight day trip arranged by air from Cardiff airport. You will be staying at the Hotel Villa Isis in St Hellier, the capital of Jersey and you will have six days to enjoy all there is in Jersey including the port of St Malo in France or the island's parliament. Prices for this trip start at £399 per person.

Door2tour.com have our second Jersey offering with there five day Jersey tour. The boat will travel from Weymouth or Poole and drop you in Jersey where you will check in at your hotel before having four days at your own leisure, although excursions are available to you mosty places can be reached by local transport. This five day trip costs £267 per person.

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