taking a holiday to Jersey and need accommodation? here is some information

Due to the fact the isle of Jersey possess a warmer climate than the British mainland the island is becoming an increasingly popular destination with UK holiday makers. Its enticing mix of French and English influences along with its many beautiful beaches, Jersey is fast becoming the place to go for your holidays. So if you plan on holidaying in Jersey this summer but still are unsure of where to stay, here is a look at some Jersey accommodation options available to you.

So if you are in need of accommodation during your stay in Jersey, we would highly recommend taking advantage of the many self-catering holiday homes on the island. By availing of this option it allows you to come and go as you please so leaving you spend your time as you see fit.

We would recommend taking a look at www.holiday-rentals.co.uk. This website provides listings of holiday homes available throughout the UK, this includes Jersey. An example of the jersey accommodation they have on offer is Muscadet apartment. This is a 2 bedroom property with beautiful garden views, which sleeps up to six people and costs between £520 and £670 per week depending on time of season.

Alternatively check out www.freedomholidays.com, this site focuses entirely on the Jersey holiday letting industry. Their listed properties include the Apple Tree Cottage. Surrounded by field and country lanes, this freshly restored 400 year old property is open plan and boasts exposed wooden beams and a minstrel’s gallery. Sleeping up to five adults staying in the cottage can cost between £420 to £725.

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