Top things to do on a Japan tour

If you’re planning a holiday to Japan, it's likely that you will start and end in Tokyo. However, Kyoto and Osaka are also must-dos on any good Japan tour itinerary. Here we offer a run through of some of the top attractions, activities and experiences in each of the three cities.


  • Tsukiji Fish Market: Shock your senses at Japan’s largest and busiest fish market
  • Akihabara: Marvel at the high tech goods on sale
  • Koishikawa Korakuen: Escape the buzz of the city to explore this beautiful garden
  • Imperial Palace: Discover the impressive residence of the Imperial Family
  • Sensoji Temple: Enjoy some quiet contemplation at this impressive temple
  • Hama Rikyu: Wander through this tranquil garden surrounded by glistening skyscrapers
  • Harajuku: Visit the epicentre of Japanese street fashion - a memorable experience on any Japan tour!
  • Asakusa: Experience the atmosphere of old Tokyo in this historic district


  • Nijo Castle: Discover the former Kyoto residence of the shogun
  • Nishiki Market: Shop for local delicacies at this busy market
  • Kiyomizudera: Enjoy the views from the large wooden terrace of this stunning temple
  • Sanjusangendo: Wander among the 1001 human sized statues
  • Ginkakuji: Get snap happy at this scenic waterside temple
  • Gion: Meet the geishas of Gion
  • Kinkakuji: Prepare to be awestruck by this beautiful golden temple
  • Fushimi Inari Shrine: Experience the ultimate torii gate
  • Tofukuji Temple: Admire the colourful Autumn leaves in the temple’s gardens


  • Osaka Aquarium: Release the child in you at Japan’s most impressive aquarium
  • Osaka Castle: Stroll among the cherry blossoms under this gorgeous reconstructed castle
  • Museum of History: Learn about Japan’s fascinating history
  • Bunraku Theatre: Laugh your way through a puppet show
  • Umeda Sky Building: Take in the majestic views from this observation deck

Of course, how you choose to spend your Japan tour time will largely be determined by your own interests and time constraints. But whether you are interested in nature, culture, food or history, there is plenty on offer in these three cities and throughout the rest of the country too.

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