January – and it’s a cool 23 Degrees in Granada

This winter get your rain soaked and snow frozen body down to the southern Spanish town of Granada with a Ryanair to Malaga flight and an hour long bus journey along the coast. A warning though, if you’re tall, get an aisle seat!

Once there, grab a hostel somewhere in the Albaycin area – that’s the big hill dotted with an array of white buildings in various states of disrepair and a warren of cobbled alleyways you’ll not find your way out of for at least a month.

Now, there are any number of tours to be taken, but hands down the best time you’ll have is on the free tour that kicks of every morning at 11 (ish – this is Spain, don’t forget) from the fountain in the Plaza.

Every hostel will have information on the tour posted around the place. It’s run by an oddity of an English bloke who, naturally, went chasing a señorita out that way, and she hasn’t managed to chase him away yet.

He’s hilarious and informative – a rarity on any planned tour, and you’ll get a good sense of the layout of the town for the rest of your stay.

Yes, it’s technically ‘free,’ but a donations hat will be at the ready at the end of the tour.

Oh, and try a pot of the ‘Dreams of the Alhambra’ tea in one of the Moroccan tea shops – very interesting, and legal... well, nearly.

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