It’s official – England’s Best B&B 2010 is here

First, the rooms; smart black and cream décor and less keen on blinds reminiscent of a doctor's waiting room. It's all in the detail of course – plug sockets, desk, Tassimo coffee machine, extensive tea selection, chocolates from Alnwick's chocolatier, hot water bottle, newspaper, slippers and a crisp waffle bathrobe that fits! and free Wi-Fi.

Next, the breakfast; the table is set with little white dishes of preserves. A dish of fruit and yoghurt arrives (there is also compote and cereals on a dresser, along with every sauce imaginable). Omelette Arnold Bennett please! The chef here has worked as a professional and appears in proper chef's whites. He sources everything locally and personally. As a result, the omelette is divine.

Anything left? The local pub of course, where a walk in thick mist is rewarded with unexpectedly wonderful braised shoulder of beef with creamy cabbage, and the staff will even drive you home afterward!

TheOldSchool, Internet rates from £100 a night, discounts for two nights or more. Travel from London to Alnmouth with East Coast Trains, EastCoastTrains.

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