It’s official; London stinks

As it prepares to host the Olympics, London has suffered an embarrassing reverse in the world's most democratic hotel awards. Not a single place in the capital has made it into the UK's top 25 places to stay list, compiled on the basis of millions of speak-as-you-find entries on the TripAdvisor website.

Famous for squirrelling out specks of dust and tuned to the slightest grumpiness in service, the volunteer monitors (any guest can join in) have gone overwhelmingly for English regional hotels. Wales has three entries and Scotland one. But the big winners are the West Country and the North of England. (And they say it’s grim up north....)

The best in the country, and also ranked sixth in the world, is Rudding Park near Harrogate, (see pic) a converted stately home where Bill Clinton once famously stopped a game of golf to join a local couple's wedding reception, (you can bet he never brought a present.)

London's failure was put down by TripAdvisor to the difficulty in matching that level of friendliness in the hurry-scurry capital, as well as to guests' reservations about value for money in luxurious but pricey hotels. Although the Bermondsey Square came fifth in the category of Europe's most trendy, and the Soho and City Inn Westminster did well in other sections, none made the UK's top 25.

For a full list of the top 25 UK hotels check out tripadvisor.co.uk/

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