It’s not only tulips that spring ‘brings again’ from Amsterdam.

With spring in the air and the days getting longer, you’re probably getting itchy feet and feeling like a weekend away. Whether you’re looking for some quiet relaxation or an adrenalin rush, there’s so much happening this month that there’s something going on for everyone. We’ve searched the web and chosen two of the best from a Daily Telegraph list.

If you see a holiday as a chance to slow down, visit Holland on the weekend of May the 14th and 15th and immerse yourself in some things quirkily Dutch. Saturday is ‘National Mill Day’ with around 600 windmills and watermills throughout the country decorated and free to visit.

It’s easier for visitors to concentrate in and around Amsterdam or go to Kinderdijk, the Unesco heritage site of a dozen windmills, on the coast near the Hook of Holland and Rotterdam. It’s also National Cycling Day with special itineraries and bike hire available. Visit the Netherlands Tourist office website (www.holland.com) for more details.

Alternatively, if you prefer to up the pace and move in the fast lane, you might want to head to Monaco for this year’s Grand Prix. It takes place on the 29th of May but you can catch the buzz from the 26th, when practice and qualifying events start.

Visit www.formula1monaco.com, the official ticketing site or if you’re a true racing fan and willing to splurge, Sport Abroad (www.sportabroad.co.uk) is offering tours to the event from £598, including three nights at the four-star Holiday Inn Nice, from the 27th to the 30th of May.

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