It's feeding time in Spain

It really is the best bit though, isn’t it? After the long drawn out fight between the sneaky cheetah and the stupid gazelle ('he’s behind you') – when the baldy vultures come hopping along and get tucked into a gazelle burger, that's when Attenborough really got excited. Well one clever cookie has made a holiday out of it.

Jose Ramon Moragrega, the owner of the Mas de Bunol rabbit farm, has managed to convert sporadic visits by griffon vultures into a spectacular project, in the North Eastern region of Aragon, Spain.

At the same time each day, visitors watch hundreds of scavengers descend from the cliffs across the valley and wait to be fed. The farmer saunters across from his hut pushing a wheelbarrow of dead rabbits while the vultures politely wait for the go-ahead.

For the greenies out there, the project is officially recognised as having stabilised the griffon vulture population in Els Ports mountains, and has become an excellent way of promoting eco-tourism.

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