It's a Gay World

Fascinating out and about cities celebrate gay, lesbian and trans-sexual lifestyles. Here are some of the best gay destinations thriving in today’s world:

  1. Buenos Aires, Argentina. Buenos Aires was the first city in the world to recognize the civil union of homosexuals, making this the ultimate gay destination in Latin America. Same sex couples are a natural and common site in Buenos Aires. Lists of available gay bars, pubs, discos, cinemas, escort services, saunas and tours are endless. Party at Glam Disco and Angel’s Disco or heat things up at A Full Spa, the most popular gay sauna in the city. Spend afternoons at The Ideal where you can tango or simply watch others while you enjoy a snack. Be sure to check out El Ateneo, Manzana de las Luces, Palacio San Martin and Teatro Colon to get a glimpse of Argentinean history.
  2. Toronto, Canada. Church has never been as fun as it is in Toronto where Church Street is the gay capital of the city. Toronto is a wonderland for the gay population within the Church Wellesley Gay Village and the Queer West Village. Just as every city has its pubs and gay theatres, Toronto is unique for its Church Street Fetish Fair, a celebration of the leather, fetish and fantasy communities. Various shows take place with street performers and a marketplace of all things naughty and nice. Pride week in Toronto takes place at the end of June. Same-sex marriageis legal here.

  3. Prague, Czech Republic. Named the European City of Culture in 2000, the city of Prague bursts with gay-ness. Although the city has never celebrated Pride, many gay bars and dance clubs make visits to Prague worth remembering. Select an escort or simply enjoy the cabaret at Escape to Paradise. Valentino and The Saints are some of the best gay bars you could crazy dancing in. And if you’re tummy is in constant need of nutrition, then head on over to Drake’s where this non-stop club will fill you with a free buffet on Sundays. When you aren’t clubbing, scenic places at Prague’s historical centre should give you a quiet afternoon with your hubby.
  4. Pattaya, Thailand. Pattaya is Asia’s gay mecca. At the heart of Thailand, Pattaya’s very own gay wonderland can be found in Boyz Town, Soi Day and Night and Sunee Plaza. Pattaya overflows with go-go and host bars, karaokes, cabarets, pubs and cafes. It’s perfect for anybody who’s looking for sun and a gay friend on Jomtien beach. Shows to look out for are Tiffany’s show and the Divas and Dudes shows at Boyz Boyz Boyz. Nobody leaves this gay wonderland without experiencing the Pattaya Gay Festival with street parties, gay sports days and contests that run for four days and culminates on the 1st of December (World Aids Day). Scuba dive in Pattaya’s clear waters or take an elephant ride through its streets, either way, you will enjoy this gay city.
  5. Melbourne, Australia. Australia’s second largest city just celebrated homosexuality at its 21st Midsumma Festival held in the last months of January and February. At the festival, Melbourne’s independent theatre scene puts on a show called Pink Shorts that present a selection of queer-themed plays; street events and a ball are also a part of this. Hungry for a party? Sunday night parties in Melbourne take place at the Candy Bar,Love Machine and Laird. Boot scooting cabarets and drag shows, on the other hand, can be found at the Opium Den and Diva Bar. Romantic activities include a drive down Great Ocean Road, a visit to Mineral Springs, breakfast on a balloon flight over Melbourne, and an evening on the Colonial Tramcar Restaurant.

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