Italy for kids - top holiday destinations!

Italy has a number of top attractions and offers a range of activities that are suitable for kids. The country has a warm Mediterranean climate, so be sure to protect your children from the sun while you're out and about. The following are some of the top destinations and attractions in Italy for kids.


Rome is arguably the best city in Italy for kids. The Coliseum and the Roman Forum are two must see attractions for kids and adults alike. There are a number of companies that specialise in guided tours of the Coliseum. These are worth taking to get a child-friendly history of the arena. The Pantheon is also an interesting building that children can appreciate. The Borghese Garden is the perfect place for a family picnic. Kids will also be delighted with the multitude of gelato flavours on offer!


Venice consists of hundreds of islands situated in a lagoon and is famous for its gondolas. Gondolas carry up to six people and are perfect for family trips. The rides last around one hour. Venice also has gelato in a wide range of flavours, and the city is well known for cookies, meringues and strudels that are popular with children.


Milan was once home to Leonardo da Vinci and contains some of his most famous works. Kids can view his Last Supper painting and also visit the very informative Museum of Science and Technology. There are a number of hotels in Milan that provide family accommodation that cater for children. These include the Hotel Brianza and the Hotel Stazione that are located in central Milan. If your children enjoy football then catch a game in the fantastic San Siro.


Campania has some of the best spots in Italy for kids. It is a region in southern Italy and is home to Naples and Pompeii. The preserved city of Pompeii allows children to travel back in time for a unique experience. The Amalfi coast and islands have some great beaches and are the ideal place for kids’ water activities and swimming.

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