Two great Italy beach resorts

Taking a summer holiday to Italy can be a great experience whether you have a family in tow, a group of friends with you or it's just you and a partner, and as sun, sand and sea are such firm favourites for summer holidays and Italy has a plentiful supply of all these things it makes Italy beach resorts even more appealing.

With large stretches of coast and warm, sunny weather it's unsurprising that there are a large number of Italy beach resorts. With so many to choose from and your summer holiday on the line making a decision can be quite daunting, so to make things a little bit easier here are a selection of two of the best.

The Atahotel Naxos beach is tucked into the woodland on the eastern coast of Sicily. With a choice of hotel rooms or villas, and beautiful sea views from much of the resort it's the ideal place to stay. The complex includes a swimming pool and all the other luxuries that you'd expect from a four star residence, and while it's not cheap it's also not extortionate, with rooms for two people starting at around £90 a night. You can check availability and make a booking from their website atahotels.it.

For an even more luxurious stay, consider the hotel Romazzino in Porto Cervo. This 5 star resort is built upon a gentle hill overlooking the sea, and each of its guest rooms has a private balcony or terrace. It has its own private beach with white sands and clear water as well as a restaurant serving fresh local produce, so for true luxury and tranquillity in it's hard to beat. The only downside is that it has high prices, with rooms starting at around £180 a night. To take a closer look, check out romazzinohotel.com.

There are plenty of other stunning and luxurious Italy beach resorts to choose from but these are two of the best, and if price is no object then the hotel Romazzino in particular will make for an unforgettable getaway. But for further inspiration try checking out tripadvisor.com, where you'll find reviews and information on a wealth of resorts.

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