Looking for Italian villas?

Italy is a magnificent place to spend your Summer holidays. The country is full of history and culture from the north to the south. While you are there you can visit the Colloseum, the leaning tower of Pisa, take a gondola through the streets of Venice, experience the atmosphere of an Italian Serie A football match in one of their brilliant stadiums, zip through the streets of Turin on a Vespa and indulge yourself in the famous food and drink. Here we will show you the best deals for Italian villas.

The first villa is the Viterbo Province holiday famhouse 45 minutes north of Rome. The property is £111 per night and sleeps five people comfortably. A private entrance and garden area assures guests privacy and peacefulness aswell as access to a private swimming pool.

The second offer from holiday-rentals.co.uk is the Vatican area holiday apartment. This apartment sleeps five people comfortably and is priced at £80 per night and is located in the centre of Rome. It is just 200 yards from the magnificence of St Peters square and the Vatican City.

The third offer from holiday-rentals.co.uk is the Viterbo Province holiday chateau in San Michele in Teverina. It is priced at £1069 and comfortably sleeps seven people. This property is part of an elegant farm which is set in a superbly landscaped fenced estate within 30 acres of olive grove. Guests of the chateau will also have access to a swimming pool.

Best of luck finding italian villas.


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