Are you looking for Isle of Wight ferry promotional codes?

Are you looking for Isle of Wight ferry promotional codes? If you order your ferry crossing tickets online from Red Funnel there is a spot for promotional codes on their website, redfunnell.co.uk. The code M2JFF will get you 15% off all Red Funnel crossings to the Isle of Wight on and up until July 22nd 2011.

There are other ways to get a cheaper crossing price. Aferry.co.uk is a comparison website for ferry ticket prices. You can enter in your route and your specific criteria (route, journey type, car or foot passenger, time of journey, single or return) and the results will filter the cheapest possible company for you to buy your ferry crossing ticket from. If you’re flexible you also can play around with the elements to really get the cheapest ticket on the market. Southeastoffers.com always have discounts on ferry crossings to the Isle of Wight with Red Funnel and Wightlink. These discounts apply to both foot passengers and cars. Just visit their website, fill out the form and you will be e-mailed your discount. Simple as that.

Cheap4ferries.com also have a section which is dedicated to ‘special offers’. However, this is updated and changed weekly so you should check it on the week which you intend to travel to see what deals you can get.The time of day you travel makes a HUGE difference to the price you pay. If you can avoid travelling at peak times you will pay a lot less for your ticket.

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