Isle of Wight ferry ports: Know your options!

Ah, the scenic Isle of Wight! Ferry Ports to the island south of Southampton run all year round, which is convenient to say to the least, as short of developing the miraculous power to walk on water, they are the only way to access this lush beauty spot! The Isle of Wight ferry ports several destinations on the mainland, with services offered ranging from Red Funnel's vehicle ferry from Southampton to Wightlink's catamaran service from Portsmouth to Ryde that allows foot passengers only.

Given the variety of ways to cross the Solent (the stretch of water that separates the island from the mainland) it's vital that you know which of the several Isle of Wight ferry ports is for you. Ferry ports are located in the following spots: Fishbourne, Yarmouth, Ryde and East and West Cowes. The ferry ports in Fishbourne and Yarmouth and Ryde are operated by the Wrightlink ferry company and link up with Portsmouth and Lymington. The trip on either of them takes approximately 40 minutes, runs every half an hour and costs around £20 for a vehicle to take a single trip.

As mentioned above, Wrightlink also offers a foot passengers only catamaran that goes between Portsmouth and Ryde. This service costs only £11.90 and takes a scant 22 minutes to reach it's destination. For more information on these three routes you should visit www.wightlink.com.

Connecting Southampton to East and West Cowes is the Red Funnel Ferry company (www.redfunnel.co.uk). These ferries go every hour and half-hour respectively and cost £19.90 for a return on the East Cowes ferry and £10 for the passenger only West-Cowes ferry. With all of these options available, getting a ferry at a time and price that suits you should be a breeze!

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