Not to be missed Isle of Wight ferry deals

The Isle of Wight is a beautiful little island that can be found in the English channel just off the South coast of Hampshire. It's a ideal place for a holiday whether it is just for a day out or a family holiday, the Isle of Wight has something for everyone.

If you are thinking of what the best way to get there would be a possible solution for you is to travel by ferry. It is only a short distance to travel on the ferry taking only 22 minutes on the catamaran and 35 minutes only on the car ferry.

Currently the companies on the market such as Wightlink, Red Funnel are offering great Isle of Wight ferry deals so there has never been a better time for you to book.

Wightlink have great super saver fares on offer at the minute where a car and 4 people can get away on the ferry for £35.50. This price you can avail of in the month of June if you plan on travelling then but other dates are available on request. You can contact Wightlink on 0871 376 1000 or alternatively on line at www.book.wightlink.co.uk where booking your Isle of Wight ferry deals is easy.

The Red Funnel ferry company have a Red Jet high speed service running from Portsmouth to Cowes in the Isle of Wight running every half hour, so accessibilty is very good for you. To get across would onlt set you back a measly £19.90 for a day return. You can find out all about this deal and others on line at www.redfunnel.co.uk.

Isle of Wight has something to offer everyone so book your Isle of Wight ferry deals today and hit the high seas.



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