Isle of Man package holidays: You can save big by booking with the right company

Isle of Man package holidays are the perfect way to enjoy a holiday on this picturesque British Crown dependency. EveryMann is a tour company that speciizes in Isle of Man package holidays. Thier website (http://www.everymann.co.uk) is a one stop shop for everything you might need, whether you want planned tours and excursions over the island, or prefer to rent a car and go at your own pace. When it comes to looking for a place to rest your head for the night, EveryMann has a wide selection of three and four star hotels, as well as self-catering and a guest house. Their website also has a "special offers" section, where fantastic bargains can be found. For example, with one of these special offers, you could get five nights in a 3* hotel for a steal of £244 per person sharing.

Another company that is well worth looking into for the best Isle of Man package holidays around is Premier Holidays (http://www.premierholidays.co.uk). This small indepent travel company were recently nominated as "Small Tour Operator of the Year" at the British Travel Awards, with good reason! On their website they offer a facillity where if you prefer to take your own car with you they will offer you four nights accomodation as well as the price of a return ferry crossing for £139 per person sharing. The accomadation for this deal is based on booking into a B&B, but for a few pounds more, it can be easily upgraded to a hotel! For example, for 4 nights per person sharing a three-star hotel it would only cost £195, making this deal perfect for a long weekend getway on the Isle of Man!

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