Island getaways in Jersey


Jersey is the most southerly island of the British Isles and has approximately 48 miles of amazing coastline and scenery for you to enjoy! You could decide to spend your holiday here strolling round the capital and shopping in the narrow streets, or relaxing in one of the amazing bays around the Island. Whatever you decide to do your bound to love this gem of an island!

Island getaways in Jersey

Island getaways have a range of amazing holidays just waiting for you to book! You could book your next Jersey break on the website under ‘summer specials’ where you can choose from a range of hotels. If you decide to travel by air through Island Getaways you can choose to stay between two and seven nights from a range of different prices. The price includes a full English breakfast, return flights, and free car hire.

Island getaways understand that not everyone likes to travel by air, and that is why they offer a break to Jersey by sea so you can still enjoy this amazing island. If you book now for a holiday in June you can book this break from £249 per person, which includes bed and breakfast and the traditional ferry crossing. To make this holiday suitable for everyone you can choose to stay between two and seven nights from a variety of different prices to suit all budgets.

Whichever way you decide to travel book now through Island getaways and enjoy this wonderful Island and all it has to offer!!

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