Island Adventures on your Tahiti Holidays

Tahiti has been labelled “Great Tahiti of the Golden Haze,” “Mounting Place of the Sun,” and “Land of the Double Rainbow”, all referring to the astonishing beauty that awaits on this South Pacific island.

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Go shark feeding on your Tahiti holiday and come face to face with these fascinating yet dangerous underwater creatures. Watch the sharks swim around; witness a thrilling demonstration of their precision and accuracy as they grab bits of food from the skipper’s hand. If this is too much of an adrenaline rush, swim with the manta rays instead. Kiss one of these giants, and see its “wings” flutter in approval.

Back above water, enjoy appetizing gourmet meals under a coconut tree or in the midst of clear, shallow waters in a motu picnic. Motu, a coral islet in a lagoon, is a popular picnic site for tourists. Holiday packages and cruise ships offer this unique Tahitian experience.

Venture into Tahiti’s past by visiting the legendary Anchors of Captain Cook and Bougainville, now known as Point Venus. Captain James Cook set foot on this island to witness the planet Venus pass in front of the sun, while Louis Antoine de Bougainville anchored here in 1768. Now a haven for history buffs, the site features a black sand beach, snack joint, handicraft shops, and a still-functioning 36-metre light house built by Thomas Stevenson.

After a day of adventure, cap off your Tahiti holiday with a “spa within a spa” experience in one of the Polynesian health resorts. Get a massage treat coupled with the world’s best natural ingredients: relaxing lagoon waters, mixed aromas extracted from vanilla and other flowers, and the serenity of the islands. Polynesian oils and flowers are common ingredients in flower remedies, aromatherapy, deep ocean water treatment, and thalassotherapy and reflexology.

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