Ischia; one of the world’s best islands is easy to get to.

Ischia, the famous, beautiful, volcanic island in the Bay of Naples, was recently featured on a Yahoo Travel list of ‘Ten Islands to explore before you die’, and it’s not hard to see why. Its hot springs are so therapeutic that they have drawn admirers for 2,000 years, with Greeks, Romans, and Turks all using Ischia's fumaroles and heated mud to relax and ease sore muscles after a hard day governing the locals.

Modern holidaymakers continue the tradition of soothing self-indulgence, reviving in the hot springs and enjoying mud wraps and pampering, courtesy of the island's geothermal characteristic, which helps fill the 22 thermo-mineral pools of the beachfront spa Giardini di Poseidon Terme. If you’re looking for a good family-run hotel, try the Hotel Villa Angelica, whose garden includes a natural thermal swimming pool with a Jacuzzi (from around €55 including breakfast).

Ischia, known as ‘the green island’, is the largest island in the Bay of Naples, and arguably the most beautiful, although Capri is the most famous. Travellers are also drawn by the islands’ beaches, crystal –clear waters and wonderful food. Visit the 15th-century Castello Aragonese and get a taste of the glamorous, jet-setter lifestyle as seen in the film ‘The Talented Mr. Ripley’, shot here on location. There are also plenty of ‘festas’ throughout the year to keep you entertained.

Easy Jet flies to Naples, from where you can get a ferry or hydrofoil to Ischia.

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