Try the Isabel apartments in Puerto Del Carmen old town for budget island stays

Lanzarote is an island that rewards exploration. It's ideal for independent travelers who want to arrange their own rooms and travel around the island, seeing its volcanic sites. The Complejo Isabel apartments in Puerto Del Carmen old town make an ideal base.

The block, just 300 metres from Fariones beach, consists of 14 apartments, convenient for a nearby supermarket and the old town shops, bars and restaurants, so you can spend mornings on the beach before looking for the perfect place for lunch.

Individual apartments, grouped around the central swimming pool, are simply but comfortably-furnished with fully equipped kitchens, satellite TV, and telephone, with wifi internet access available throughout. Whitewashed walls and wooden furniture provide a traditional Lanzarote feel.

The easiest way to book an apartment at the Isabel is online, with one of the popular hotel websites like www.skoosh.co.uk, www.travelrepublic.co.uk, or www.bookingspot.co.uk. Availability, prices and special offers will vary widely according to your holiday dates and the length of your stay, but prices start at around £28 per person per night. Look out for bargains out of season, when the Lanzarote climate is still very benign.

Puerto Del Carmen itself needs a little persistence to reveal its charms. In high season it can seem hot, frenzied and intense. The secret is to avoid any clubs or pubs recommended by the British touts, and instead look for the calmer, more civilized haunts of the local Canarians.

Note that the Isabel apartments in Puerto Del Carmen old town are on a slight incline, making it potentially hazardous for wheelchair users or those with walking difficulties. Bear this in mind before making a reservation.


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