Is there anywhere left in Europe where you can escape the tourists?

If you’re looking for an away-from-it-all destination, why not try Montenegro? Having gained its independence fairly recently from Serbia, in 2006, it has a far less developed tourism industry than its better known neighbour, Croatia. Yet it has some spectacular countryside inland with lonely high mountains, steep sided canyons and numerous sparkling lakes. And its 200-mile Adriatic coastline, with spotless beaches, plunging cliffs and Venetian architecture, offers some areas where there are restaurants and small boutique resorts, reports the Daily Mail".

If you want to get away from fellow tourists, avoid the only real package destination, Budva, and check out the good selection of self-catering accommodation on the internet. You can rent a decent spacious apartment with spectacular views and a large shared pool for £550 a week.

Remember, there are many places with few tourist facilities and food stores carry a restricted range of produce. And although Montenegro is only the size of Northern Ireland, its poor roads mean that journeys which seem short on the map may take a long time. But although your holiday may have the odd blip, if you’re tired of struggling to find a free spec on most of Europe’s Mediterranean beaches, enjoying long stretches of undeveloped shores and lonely mountain routes will more than compensate.

The best way to travel is to fly to Dubrovnik in Croatia then rent a car. Thomson Airways (www.thomson.co.uk/flights) offers direct flights from London Gatwick, Manchester and Birmingham throughout the summer. Return fares start from £179. For car hire contact Gulliver Travel (www.gulliver.hr).

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